Do you need to monitor and control flow rates?
Consolidate data from different vendors on a single platform?
Comply with water regulations?
Capta Hydro has a solution for your organization’s challenges.

Monitoring, automatic control and software solutions

To improve the management of water sources applied to your industry.

Find out why Capta Hydro is being chosen by Boards of Supervisory Boards, Canal Owners Associations, producers, hydroelectric power plant operators and other industrial users to solve their source water management challenges.

Given the reality of climate change, which causes increasingly extreme droughts and floods, together with the growing demand for fresh water by our society, it is essential to improve the management of our surface and groundwater sources, as well as to optimize their distribution to different uses.

Capta Hydro has developed the tools to achieve this, from source to end user, offering high quality data, remote control capability and software to centralize, analyze and act on this information.

Find out how organizations in your industry are using our solutions to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Supervisory Boards
and associations of Canalistas


Hydroelectric plants


Joints of

River and Estuary Oversight Boards, under pressure from drought, new regulations and greater demands from their users and society in general, are fulfilling their distribution duties as required by law thanks to Capta Hydro.

Associations of
of canal and
of water

Thousands of farmers are receiving better service from their Canal Association and Water Community thanks to the Capta AMARU software together with our flow telemetry and gate automation equipment.


How much water am I using from surface and groundwater sources? Do I receive all my surface water right? How much energy could you save if this were the case? Capta Hydro helps agricultural producers answer this and more.

Hydroelectric plants

We help hydroelectric generators comply with withdrawal monitoring and ecological flow regulations, in addition to providing the data and automatic control capabilities they need to optimize their production.

Other Industries

We offer the tools that forestry, fish farming, sanitation, mining and agribusiness industries need to optimize their water sources, comply with regulations and meet the growing demands of their communities.