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Agricultural Producers

The problem of water scarcity has increased steadily over the last decade. Rely on Capta Hydro’s solutions to manage and optimize one of your most important inputs: your surface or groundwater sources.

Major agricultural producers

rely on Capta Hydro's solutions

The challenge

Inefficiency and lack of visibility in distribution, together with increasingly variable flows, have diminished the security of surface water for irrigation for many agricultural producers. Fortunately, many of these challenges can be solved with our solutions.

Solutions applied

The case of the AgriCile project


AgriChile found that its energy costs were steadily increasing,
mainly due to a greater dependence on groundwater sources compared to surface water, which had decreased considerably in recent seasons.

Inefficient Distribution

Although part of the decrease was explainable by the drought, after an analysis he concluded that a significant part was only explainable by the drought.
The company was also affected by the great distribution inefficiency of the canal association of which it is a member.

Data requirements

However, it did not have “hard” data to monitor and rectify the above, so it contacted Capta Hydro for a project to fully control its water sources and solve this problem.
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Telemetry for surface water

Constant monitoring of the flow and volume received from the canal, along with alerts to detect reductions, allowed AgriChile to better enforce its water rights with the OUA.

Telemetry for wells

The constant monitoring of the flow rate and the monitoring of the volume extracted from wells - supplemented by surface water - allowed AgriChile to reduce the consumption of this water source, thus saving costs.
In addition, it was able to comply with DGA regulations.

Software platform

The use of Amaru, a software platform that centralizes data, allowed AgriChile to manage its water sources, optimizing its surface water sources to save energy costs.


Saves energy costs

Optimize your surface water sources and save energy costs.

Complies with regulations and certifications

DGA extraction control, water footprint, clean production agreements and others.

Better plan your risks

Be certain of your available water volumes according to each source.

“What is not measured, cannot be managed correctly. With Capta Hydro we found a definitive solution to the uncertainty regarding our surface water source.”

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