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Associations of Canal Owners and Water Communities

Our telemetry, automation and software solutions are the tools your organization needs to meet your goal of managing and distributing your members’ water in the best possible way.

Important Canal Owners Associations

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The challenge

Inefficiency and lack of visibility in distribution, coupled with increasingly variable flow rates, have diminished surface water security for irrigation for many agricultural producers.
Fortunately, many of these challenges can be solved with our solutions.

Solutions applied

Canal Melado Association Project


The Melado Canal Association manages one of the oldest irrigation works in the country,
with more than 90 years of history, distributing about 20 m3/s to its users, in addition to having a series of hydroelectric power plants. It is also part of the beneficiaries of the Ancoa Dam, completed in 2015 in the valley of the same name.


Although the reservoir helped them to improve their irrigation security – and the hydroelectric power plants to have more income – these works imply greater demands on management and transparency in their distribution to other OAUs with which they share infrastructure.
these works imply a greater demand for management and transparency in their distribution to other OUAs with which they share infrastructure. In addition, the lower flows have put pressure on the company to improve its efficiency and accuracy in delivering water to its users.


Given these challenges, the Melado Channel Board of Directors
embarked on a multi-year plan to modernize its distribution network.
The Melado Canal Board of Directors, incorporating a series of advanced Capta Hydro telemetry and automation equipment, in addition to using Capta AMARU Software to monitor and optimize flow distribution. Discover these solutions below:

Captures CFT Radar

Telemetry for surface water without gauging section
Flow and volume monitoring in channels without gauging sections. Includes surface water speed sensor (radar).

Captures CFCs

Gate Automation
Systems 100% autonomous and adaptable to existing infrastructure.
Renewal of floodgates.

Capta CFT

Telemetry for surface water in gauging sections
Flow and volume monitoring in channels with gauging sections. Includes level sensor (ultrasonic or radar).

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Accelerates implementation of telemetry and automation in the channel network

Equipment more adaptable to the infrastructure, anti-theft and with lower total costs.

Improved transparency
among users

Visibility of available flows 24/7 for your users, minimizing claims and uncertainty.

Improved efficiency
and distribution accuracy

Identifies and reduces losses due to water theft and overflows. Determine the sections with the highest leakage.

“What is not measured, cannot be managed correctly. With Capta Hydro we found a definitive solution to the uncertainty regarding our surface water source.”

Carlos Diez, President
Melado Channel and Rio Maule JV