Solutions for
Hydroelectric Generators

Our flow telemetry, gate automation and software solutions are designed to fit your operation to help you meet your generation, regulatory compliance and community engagement objectives.

Major Hydroelectric Generators

rely on Capta Hydro's solutions

The challenge

Reduced flows and increased variability due to climate change,
compliance with new regulations, relations with the community and other water users: these are some of the challenges that hydroelectric generators are facing and that can be solved with our solutions.

Solutions applied

New Run-of-river Hydroelectric Power Plant Project


Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets will require our electricity generation matrix to phase out hydrocarbon-based generation.
emissions will require that our electricity generation matrix gradually eliminate hydrocarbon-based generation. To achieve these goals, hydroelectric generation will continue to be fundamental, contributing close to 50% of clean generation in Chile, even in one of the driest years in history, such as 2021.


However, carrying out a new project or continuing to operate an existing one successfully is becoming increasingly challenging, as they must take into account the new reality: a hydrology with a downward and more variable trend, The company’s activities are based on a society with ever-increasing demands for transparency and communication.


A new run-of-river generation project applied our solutions to meet these challenges.
Radar flow telemetry equipment for adduction channels, gate automation to optimize generation, advisory services for compliance with regulations, software for integration with other users in the basin.
. Discover these solutions below:


Telemetry for surface water without gauging section
Flow and volume monitoring in channels without gauging sections.
Includes surface water velocity sensor (radar)

Consulting and Appraisals

Hydraulic Consulting Services and Flow Gauging Services
Evaluation of intakes and restitutions for compliance with regulations. Flow gauging


Software Platform
Management of your water sources
Sending data to DGA for regulatory compliance.

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Implement flow telemetry in your adduction canals, without modifying your civil works or losing elevation.

Equipment more adaptable to the infrastructure and for measurement without gauging section.

Complies with ecological flow regulations and monitoring of DGA extractions.

Integral advice for regulatory compliance.

Improved transparency
among users

Software for consolidation of user data in a basin minimizing potential conflicts and uncertainty.

“What is not measured, cannot be managed correctly. With Capta Hydro we found a definitive solution to the uncertainty regarding our surface water source.”

Carlos Diez, President
Melado Channel and Rio Maule JV