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Our flow telemetry, gate automation and software solutions are designed to fit your operation to help you meet your production and water efficiency, regulatory compliance and community engagement goals.

Major Companies

rely on Capta Hydro's solutions

The challenge

Reduction of water sources due to drought and climate change. Compliance with new regulations. Relationship with the community and other water users. These are some of the challenges that companies that require large volumes of water for their processes are facing and that can be solved with our solutions.

Solutions applied

CMPC Cordillera Plant Project


CMPC requires a constant source of water to carry out its production processes optimally. For its Cordillera plant, located in the Metropolitan Region, this source of water is surface water from the Maipo River and distributed by Sociedad del Canal del Maipo.


Although the Cordillera plant has not yet experienced any production problems due to lack of water, did not really know how much water it was receiving or using in its processes, The company did not have the information to plan ahead for drier years or to set goals for more water-efficient production.


To address the above, CMPC approached Capta Hydro to implement a comprehensive solution for monitoring your water sources, This consisted of an initial hydraulic assessment of its gauging sections and point flow measurements, followed by the implementation of gauging sections and telemetry in its withdrawals and returns.


Telemetry for surface water without gauging section
Flow and volume monitoring in channels without gauging sections.
Includes surface water velocity sensor (radar)

Consulting and Appraisals

Hydraulic Consulting Services and Flow Gauging Services
Evaluation of intakes and restitutions for compliance with regulations. Flow gauging


Software Platform
Management of your water sources
Sending data to DGA for regulatory compliance.

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Implement flow telemetry in your adduction channels, without modifying your civil works or losing elevation.

Equipment more adaptable to the infrastructure and for measurement without gauging section.

Complies with regulations of ecological flow and monitoring of extractions DGA.

Integral advice for regulatory compliance.

Improved transparency
among users.

Software for consolidation of user data in a basin minimizing potential conflicts and uncertainty.