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Our telemetry, automation and software solutions are the tools your organization needs to fulfill its objective of managing and distributing the water to which its members are entitled in natural waterways in the best possible way.


rely on Capta Hydro's solutions

The challenge

Less availability of water to be distributed, but more demand and demand from its members and society for transparency, efficiency and accuracy in distribution
. Today, more than ever, Supervisory Boards need to implement the most advanced tools to meet their distribution objectives.

Solutions applied

Lontué River Surveillance Board Project


The Junta de Vigilancia del Río Lontué has been faced with increasingly challenging and variable irrigation seasons.with average flows that can exceed 120 m3/s at the beginning of the thaws in October, down to less than 20 m3/s by March, bordering 10 m3 in 2021.

Water distribution

This great variability – and the fact that there is no headwater reservoir –
forces the Junta de Vigilancia to make daily allocations in order to adapt and meet the needs of its users.
. To support this objective, it was one of the first in the country to implement flow telemetry in all its extractions.

Centralization of data

However, it was not capable of analyzing this data or transforming it into information for making operational decisions, since it came from 5 different suppliers, plus the DGA.
Therefore, it contacted Capta Hydro to implement a total “Control Center” for its water data and to implement a system to support the delivery of its water data.
. Find out more below:


Telemetry for surface water
Monitoring of flow and volume received at the intake, along with alerts to detect changes.


Software Control Center
Integration of telemetry data from third parties and sending of data to the General Water Directorate.


Integrated automated delivery system
Automation of the calculation process, communication and monitoring of distribution, and automatic adjustment of alerts to detect over-entitlement withdrawals.

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Accelerate your implementation of telemetry and automation in water intakes

With equipment that is more adaptable to the infrastructure, anti-theft and with lower total costs.

Centralize all your data
of water sources and abstractions, and complies with the DGA.

Capta AMARU is the most advanced Control Center for Supervisory Boards in the market.

Automates and monitors flow distribution,
making information transparent to all your users

Improve distribution efficiency and accuracy and recover millions of m3 for your users.

“What is not measured, cannot be managed correctly. With Capta Hydro we found a definitive solution to the uncertainty regarding our surface water source.”

Catalina Castro
Manager of Río Lontué JV
VII Region JV Secretariat