We carry out projects tailored to the reality of each client, in order to have the most appropriate solution for each particular case.

Because there are many particular cases that need to be addressed in detail, adapting the technology and sometimes the infrastructure itself in order to improve the measurement and control of water sources.

At Capta Hydro, we are committed to being your technical advisor to solve your source water management challenges.

What are the custom problems?
have we solved?

Some examples of custom problems we have solved are as follows:

Telemetry in locations with no mobile network signal

Calculation and fabrication of gauging works for measurement in unlined canals

Low-cost multi-channel telemetry of nearby channels

Volume measurement in large modular reservoirs

Maipo Canal Partnership Project

A telemetry equipment, for multiple channels at the same time.

Maipo Canal Partnership Project

The Sociedad del Canal del Maipo (SCM) - one of the main and oldest canal associations in the country - has an extensive network of canals that crosses the entire city of Santiago, from its catchment of the Maipo River in Puente Alto, to bring water to distant communities such as Colina and Pudahuel, being one of the most extensive distribution networks in the country.

Maipo Canal Partnership Project

Within its distribution network, the SCM had channels running in parallel, making it feasible to install equipment with two sensors in order to minimize telemetry implementation costs for both channels.

Maipo Canal Partnership Project

Capta Hydro addressed this special requirement and developed an additional module for the Capta CFT 5 telemetry equipment, adding an extender module for multiple sensors.


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    The engineering team behind Capta Hydro is tremendously competent and they know exactly what it takes to suggest improvements in flow measurement and control, from conceptual engineering to detailed engineering.”

    Claudio Rojas

    Bío Bío Sur Project, Chile.