for water measurement and control

We have a team of first class professionals with extensive experience, having executed projects for water user organizations, in agricultural, hydroelectric and forestry industries.

What is the purpose of our
Technical Advisory Services?

We invite you to discover a unique service in the market,
that combines a deep knowledge of:

Design and selection

of gauging works
and gates.

Regulatory compliance

related to
flow monitoring.

Basic design

and implementation of telemetry, automation and software networks.

We accompany you in the process of

implementation of hydraulic measurement and control technologies

Does my infrastructure allow for adequate flow measurement and control?

If not, what can I do to improve them?

How can I optimally comply with the Effective Flow Monitoring regulations?

of the DGA (DGA Resolution Nº1238- June 2019), MOP (Supreme Decree Nº53, April 2020) and SMA ecological flow, among others?

What measurement and control technology options are available?

and how do I prioritize them in an implementation plan?

CMPC Consulting Project

CMPC - one of the main companies in the forestry industry in Chile - decided to embark on a project to completely improve the management of its water sources with technology, specifically for its pulp production plants, due to the water shortage generated by the last few years of drought.

CMPC Consulting Project

The first plant selected was "Planta Cordillera", located in the metropolitan region. However, after conducting an initial diagnosis, the company realized that before it could implement monitoring and automation technology, it had to solve several problems of hydraulic infrastructure and lack of information regarding its base flows.

CMPC Consulting Project

After researching the market, CMPC selected Capta Hydro for the project because of its profile as a comprehensive supplier and in-depth knowledge of hydraulic engineering, gauging services and water monitoring and automation technology, which differentiates it from other consulting firms.



Infrastructure diagnosis

hydraulic measurement and technical recommendation of gauging sections to be implemented.

Design of implementation plan

of monitoring and automation technology in two stages.

Creation of curves

and flow gauging at critical points.

The engineering team behind Capta Hydro is extremely competent and knowledgeable about everything needed to suggest improvements in flow measurement and control, from conceptual engineering to detailed engineering.