of gates

Adapted to your infrastructure

Gate automation systems that adapt to the existing infrastructure, very simple to install due to their modular design and high robustness, which allows manual gates to be remote-controlled or connected to flow measurement systems.

All CFC automation families have total energy autonomy, and telemetry of all the variables of each of the channels where it is installed, in addition to being able to detect blockages automatically, allowing remote control in a safe way and with the possibility of making automatic flow commands through its connection to upstream or downstream flow data.


CFC 5-12

The most economical and quickest to implement gate automation system for reliable remote control and automation of flow delivery autonomously in channels with small gates, with a maximum force of up to 12kN of force and 1.2m of travel.


CFC 15-50

Automation system for flat gates, ideal for intake gates, which allows the telecommand with operation security and automate the delivery of flows autonomously, with an operating force of between 15kN-50kN of maximum force, with 4m travel.



Automation system for flat gates that have any type of existing manual operation mechanism, which allows the automation of the gate from the manual operation system, making it automatic. Ideal for large gates where no modification of the existing mechanical system is required, thus simplifying the automation of large gates, whether flat or radial.