The most simple to install, reliable, accurate and safe existing gate automation system.

Reliable, accurate, and safe

Simple, safe and automated gate actuation with anti-jamming system

Electromechanical drive system developed by Capta Hydro,
which allows the safe operation of the gates avoiding jams or accidents derived from their automation.

  • Directly connected to gears, gate handwheels or valves, without the need to stop the flume or modify existing drive mechanisms.
  • Anti-jamming system that prevents jamming caused by stones or foreign elements, with three levels of redundancy, increasing the safety of automatic operation and improving the tightness of the total closing of the gates.
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2mm thick steel protective casing.


Lock with anti-drill security.


Anti-theft mounting systems for solar panels.


Anchor bolts with more than 20 tons of resistance.

Entry Alarm

Entry alarm in case of intrusion inside the housing.

Total energy autonomy

Solar panel power up to 900W depending on the requirement

Deep-cycle gel batteries up to 600Ah at 48VDC

Optimal MPPT charge controller up to 30A capacity

Configuration of energy consumption according to frequency of remote control movements or automation of flow delivery.

Connectivity wherever the equipment is located

High-standard industrial application antenna 20X a conventional antenna

Multi-company SIM card, searching for the best internet signal in each particular location

(Optional) In case there is no cellular signal, wireless connection system via LoRa or Wifi.

(Optional) In case there is no cellular signal, satellite connection system.

Central CPU with high reliability rate
(over 99%*)

*More than 99% of the time the equipment will be doing its job properly. This is achieved thanks to internal hardware and software (Capta-Watchdog) that minimizes the rate of system errors, ensuring correct operation.


Medición de altura de agua de alta exactitud y robustez ante fallas.
Sensores de altura ultrasónicos compensados por temperatura; de 2, 4 y 6m de rango y de hasta 0,25% de exactitud respecto de su rango total.
(opcional) Sensores de altura tipo radar que no requiere compensación por temperatura, de 7m de rango con ±2mm de exactitud.


Medición absoluta de la compuerta respecto del fondo del canal, con resolución de milímetros y precisión de 0,1% del recorrido total a medir de la compuerta.


A partir de Agosto 2022

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High precision measurements

Water height measurement

by radar or ultrasonic sensors with high accuracy temperature compensation and a wide operating range

Temperature compensated ultrasonic height sensors; 2, 4 and 6m range and up to 0.25% accuracy with respect to their total range.

(Optional) Radar type height sensors that do not require temperature compensation, 7m range with ±2mm accuracy.

Measurement of damper position
of the damper, measured directly on the damper blade

Absolute measurement of the gate with respect to the bottom of the channel, with millimeter resolution and accuracy of 0.1% of the total gate travel to be measured.

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Success stories in operations
channel reviews

“Capta Hydro’s CFC HI gates have enabled us to improve the safe operation of the canal by installing emergency delivery and discharge gates on the Main Canal which carries around 35,000 L/s, without the need to stop the canal. We have confidence in Capta Hydro and their high level of professionalism that they have consistently shown over the years.”

Claudio Rojas Foncillas, Manager of the Asociación de Canalistas del Bío Bío Sur.