Digitize and visualize in AMARU the recording of levels and flow rates in the field by your operators with this mobile application.

Regis Application

What makes the Capta ReGIS App different?

The Capta ReGIS App was developed to digitize the capture of field level and flow information.

Regis Application

How does it do it?

With a simple to use design and interface, suitable for all levels of users. The operator captures photos and enters data directly from the application, avoiding errors.

All information can then be viewed and verified in Capta AMARU by administrators.

Mobile Application for Operators

The operator captures images of the gauging section, dam or meter whose level he must check in his daily work. This image can only be captured from the application, being geolocalized and time stamped.

The operator then records the current level in the application. Compatible with all mobile devices. Simple to use in the field.

Visualization in Capta AMARU

Managers or directors will be able to visualize all the data captured by their operators in the field on a single platform, generating a historical record and allowing immediate analysis of their flow rates and volumes.

Visualization of stations to be monitored in the control center.

Display of graphs of levels, flow rates and volumes.

Oversight Board Project

Mapocho River First Section

Although it has a regulation lagoon, it does not have a large capacity and the Rio Claro de Rengo is characterized by great variability. This has led the Board to place great emphasis on the accuracy of its gauging curves and distribution process, but recent years of drought made it clear that it was necessary to improve the transparency and accuracy of distribution to users.

However, the Board did not yet have the resources to implement telemetry, so it contacted Capta Hydro to implement the "Capta ReGIS" application so that its field operators could digitally record flows each day and the Capta AMARU software so that they could visualize the data.


“The Capta Amaru software allows us to integrate all the data from the basin so that we can have a total visualization of the water allocations that are made in the river.”

Claudio Bizama, administrator of the JV of the 1st section of the Mapocho River.