The most economical, simple, reliable and accurate telemetry equipment. Ideal to be installed in channel telemetry booths and inside process plants.

Only the essentials for channel measurement,
ready to install in shed or process plant

IP65 electrical cabinet
Modular sensor assembly
Internet connectivity via ethernet or multi-band network (2G/3G/4G)
Flexible energization, grid-connected or with solar panels (offgrid)

High-standard reliability


Central CPU with a high reliability rate (over 99%*)

*More than 99% of the time of the time the equipment will be doing its job properly. This is achieved thanks to internal hardware and software (Capta-Watchdog) that minimizes the rate of system errors, ensuring correct operation.

Total and flexible energy autonomy: Connection to mains or pole with solar panel.

Option 1: Mains connection

  • MPPT solar charge controller.
  • Deep cycle battery of 30Ah at 12V.
  • Wired connection to nearby electrical junction point.

Total and flexible energy autonomy: Connection to mains or pole with solar panel.

Option 2: Solar

  • Solar panel from 30W to 300W.
  • MPPT solar charge controller.
  • Configuration of energy consumption according to measurement frequency.

Connectivity wherever the equipment is located

  • Multi-band communication system (4G/3G/2G).
  • High standard industrial application antenna 20X a conventional antenna.
  • Multi-company SIM card, which searches for the best internet signal in each particular location.
  • (Optional) Connection to local internet network via ethernet cable.
  • (Optional) In case there is no cellular signal, wireless connection system via LoRa or Wifi.
  • (Optional – Under development) In case there is no cellular signal, satellite connection system.

Electronic Watchdog system to minimize error rate

Hardware and internal software to minimize the rate of system errors, ensuring its correct operation.


High precision measurements

Water height measurement
high accuracy and robustness to failures.

Temperature compensated ultrasonic height sensors; 2, 4 and 6m range and up to 0.25% accuracy with respect to their total range.

(Optional) Radar type height sensors that do not require temperature compensation, 7m range with ±2mm accuracy.

Speed measurement
in channels, half-filled or pressurized pipes.

Doppler sensor submerged in the bottom of the channel with redundant height sensors, hydrostatic pressure type and ultrasonic.

Ideal for half-full pipes changing from regime to pressure flow, or channels without gauging section without sediment accumulation.


Radar Speed Sensor
for non-contact surface velocity measurement.

Radar for surface velocity measurement without water contact.

Suitable for measuring without gauging section, allowing to estimate the flow rate.



Equipment operating in many different contexts

“Capta Hydro’s telemetry equipment has been the key to having reliable data with more security and anti-vandalism measures than we ever thought possible.”

Joaquín Millán – Agricultural Irrigation Manager
Agrichile S.A.