"Level and Flow Telemetry".

Water level and flow telemetry for wells and dams, with Capta Hydro’s reliability, accuracy and support.

Only the essentials for flow and water level measurement,
ready to install in shed or process plant

Non-invasive flowmeter for in-pipe measurement, without the need to modify pipelines
Low-diameter hydrostatic pressure sensor, ideal for down a wide range of wells.
Internet connectivity via ethernet or multi-band network (2G/3G/4G)
IP 65 enclosure, ideal for installation inside a shed or process plant.

High-standard reliability


Central CPU with a high reliability rate (over 99%*)

*More than 99% of the time of the time the equipment will be doing its job properly. This is achieved thanks to internal hardware and software (Capta-Watchdog) that minimizes the rate of system errors, ensuring correct operation.

Back-up power autonomy through UPS system

  • Wired connection to the nearest electrical junction point.
  • Deep cycle battery up to 5Ah at 12VDC to warn in case of power loss of the equipment.
  • Intelligent charge controller.
  • (Optional) Solar energization.

Connectivity wherever the equipment is located

  • Multi-band communication system (4G/3G/2G).
  • High standard industrial application antenna 20X a conventional antenna.
  • Multi-company SIM card, which searches for the best internet signal in each particular location.
  • (Optional) Connection to local internet network via ethernet cable.
  • (Optional) In case there is no cellular signal, wireless connection system via LoRa or Wifi.
  • (Optional – Under development) In case there is no cellular signal, satellite connection system.

Connection to plant process Scada

Telemetry data can be connected to Scada systems via OPC UA protocol or Api Rest, in order to centralize all the information necessary for plant operation.

Electronic Watchdog system to minimize error rate

Hardware and internal software to minimize the rate of system errors, ensuring its correct operation.


High precision measurements

Non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter CAPTA LFT FS1

  • Accuracy: ±1%.
  • Protection rating: IP67 (Transmitter), IP68 (Sensor)
  • Pipe diameter from DN32 to DN6,000
  • Operating temperature: -30°C ~ 90°C
  • Communication protocol: RS485
  • Range: 0 ~ 7 m/s

Hydrostatic pressure sensor CAPTA LFT HH1

  • Accuracy: 0.5% of total range.
  • (Optional) Accuracy: 0.1%, 0.25% or 1% of the total range.
  • Weather resistant cable
  • Reduced diameter: 16mm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C
  • Communication Protocol: RS 485
  • Maximum range: 0 ~ 300 mH2O (Variety of ranges according to requirement)
  • Factory calibration

Equipment operating in many different contexts

“Capta Hydro’s telemetry equipment has been the key to having reliable data with more security and anti-vandalism measures than we ever thought possible.”

Joaquín Millán – Agricultural Irrigation Manager
Agrichile S.A.