Capta Hydro

Capta Hydro was founded in 2015 in Santiago, Chile with the objective of developing innovative technologies that allow a more efficient use of our natural resources that generate a positive impact not only in Chile but also in the world.


Emilio de la Jara

General Manager

Gaston Dussaillant

Commercial Manager

Tiare Canceco

Administration Leader

R&D Area

Benjamin Lagos

R&D Leader

Constanza Barriga

R&D Engineer

Juan Pablo Moraga

R&D Engineer

Claudio Fernandez

R&D Engineer

Design and Marketing

Francisco Rojas

Design Area Leader

Javiera Segovia

Industrial Designer

Javiera Flores

Graphic Designer

Catalina Gallardo

Industrial Designer

Mechanical Area

Rodrigo Echeverría

Mechanical and Production Area Leader

Javier Carilao

Production Technician and Design Assistant

Juan Pablo Sanchez

Production Technician and Logistics Assistant

Projects and Sales

Pedro Sepúlveda

Project Area Leader

Sebastian Guzman

Industrial Sales Engineer

Pedro Grove

Agricultural Sales Engineer

Support Area

Alfredo Villarroel

Operations Leader

Marcos Inostroza

Operations Technician

Electrical and Software

Felipe Tejada

Electrical and Software Area Leader

Felipe Sequeira

Electrical Technician

Fredy Peña

Electrical Technician

Ignacio Maldonado

Electrical Engineer

Nicolás Aguilar

Full Stack Developer

Jehingson Pernía

Full Stack Developer

Emilio Lizama

Full Stack Developer

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